Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Press Release on "Engr and Ir"

In the early 1970’s and before the Board of Engineers Malaysia came into being,
Corporate Members and Graduate Members of the Institution were entitled to use the
designation “Ingenieur” or its abbreviated form “Ir.” before their names. This was
provided under a clause in the IEM Constitution and a person with the title “Ir.”
before his or her name therefore signified that he/she was a member of the Institution.

In 1989, the Constitution of the Institution had to be amended discontinuing the use of
the said title as an amendment to the Registration of Engineers Act in 1974 since then
provided the use of the title “Ir.” to registered professional engineers only. The
original prefix title to a person’s name which signified membership of the Institution
was therefore been taken away from the Institution.

Since then there were suggestions and calls for the Institution to look into the issue of
a replacement title to its members. Many members feel that there is a need to provide
an identity for the Corporate and Graduate Members of the Institution. The need for
this became all the more urgent as it was further noted that the membership of the
Institution has remained stagnant for the past few years.

After much deliberation, the Council of the Institution agreed that Corporate and
Graduate Members of the Institution could have the abbreviation “Engr.” affixed in
front of their names. The proposal was presented and approved by the members at the
Annual General Meeting in 2005.

The idea is for members of the Institution to use the title for better standing and
recognition and with the intention of promoting membership into the Institution. This
is also one of the ways of branding the Institution. Graduate members can also use
this title to the public at large with the confidence that an “Engr.” is one whose degree
has been vetted and recognised by the Institution. When such prefixes are used IEM
members are advised that they shall ensure that Grad IEM or MIEM or FIEM as the
case may be are affixed after their names to clearly indicate their respective grade of
membership of the IEM.

IEM members who are Professional Engineers registered with the Board of Engineers
Malaysia are free to continue using the abbreviation “Ir.” affixed to the front of their
name if they wish. “Engr.” is meant for the members of the IEM who wish to use this
abbreviated title before their names.

The IEM wishes to announce that Article II of our Constitution, dealing with
“Membership”, has been amended in the 2005 AGM, and approved by the Registrar
of Societies in 2006; with a new paragraph that reads as follows: -
“Fellows, Members and Graduates shall be entitled to the use of the title “Engr.”
placed before their names”

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