Monday, March 28, 2011


According to CIDB (2003), compares to conventional construction method, the
industrialised building system has the following advantages:

i. Less construction time
IBS requires less construction time because casting of precast element at factory
and foundation work at site can occur simultaneously and the work at site is only
the erection of IBS components. This leads to earlier occupation of the building.

ii. Cost savings
The formwork of IBS components are made of steel, aluminium or other materials
that allows for repetitive use and this leads to considerable cost savings.

iii. Saving in labour
When the IBS components are produced in factory, higher degree of utilisation of
machine is permitted and the use of labour will be reduced and lead to saving in
labour cost.

iv. Less labour at site
The use of IBS will reduce the construction process at site and consequently reduce
the number of labour required at site.

v. Optimised use of material
The utilisation of machine during the production of IBS components lead to
higher degree of precision and accuracy in the production and consequently
reduce material wastage.

vi. Higher quality and better finishes
An IBS component have higher quality and better finishes due to the careful
selection of materials, use of advanced technology, better and strict quality
assurance control since production in factory is under sheltered environment.

vii. Construction operation less affected by weather
Faster project completion due to rapid all weather construction. The effects of
weather on construction operation are less due to the fabrication of IBS
components is done in factory while at site is only erection of the components.

viii. Flexibility
IBS provides flexibility in the design of precast element so that different systems
may produce their own unique prefabrication construction methods.

ix. Increase site safety and neatness
Utilisation of IBS components leads to less construction process especially wet
work at site. This will lead to the neater site condition and increase safety.

x. Environmental friendly
The use of IBS will decrease the using of timber formwork on construction


Capt Ab Manan Mansor said...

What about the construction cost saving, is it much?

Capt Ab Manan Mansor said...

What about the construction cost saving, is it much?