Friday, July 30, 2010

Cara2 nak tulis Surat Mohon Kerja terbaik?

Haa..bile kite ni dah siap abes belaja..mesti la tujuan utama kite nak cari keje kan?

Tapi camne la agaknye cara kite cari keje?jobstreet?JobsDB? dan macam2 cara..pakai cable dalam pon ada..huhu..

yang paling biasa orang buat, anta je resume ngan cover letter kat mana2 syarikat yg korang berkenan..
Ni ada sample surat yg aku nak tunjuk kat korang..

Menarik bukan?cubalah..hahaha...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kasut boleh terbang?

Hari ni, sampai je site terus la aku siapkan meja aku..kemas2 sket bagi cun..
on laptop dan simpan beg galas aku kat rak..pastu kontraktor aku pon datang la..panggil gi inspection tangga...

so lepas aku telan 3 ketul karipap,aku pon turun la site ngan kontraktor aku ni..nak cek tangga punye besi..lepas je dah setel cek tangga tu,aku daki la ke tingkat 4 sebab nak sambung inspection cek wall plak...

utk pengetahuan semua, aku ni tgh bikin pangsapuri 16 tingkat kat bandar sri permaisuri,KL..

Ada something yang menarik perhatian aku bila aku pusing2 kat tingkat 4 tu..ada la sorang pekerja indonesia ni pakai kasut yg unik...macam aladin pon ada..haha..

Ni ha aku sempat snap gamba kasut mamat ni..muka terpaksa dirahsiakan utk kebaikan beliau..ahaks..
Ko memang kreatif la mat..

Nampak x kasut dia ada ekor?

Memang stylo la kasut mu brader..ada ekor beb...hahaha...kreatif sungguh beliau memodifikasi kasut getah beliau.. Orang indonesia memang serba boleh..syabas!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Get better mileage - improving your fuel economy .

1. Your right foot

So simple anyone can do it. If you're caning it away from the traffic lights, you're wasting petrol and your mpg will be down. If you're endurance racing at 80mph on the motorway, you're wasting petrol. Here's the thing - your gas mileage can drop off as much as 15% between driving at or below 65mph and driving above 65mph. Now I love speed as much as the next person but you have to be realistic here - do you want better fuel economy or to get there marginally quicker? I sound like a total wet blanket telling you this of course, but driving slower absolutely will improve your mpg. Why? Because once you get over about 65mph, you're using more engine power to overcome drag, which means consuming more petrol to do it.
What about when you're not on the motorway? Well consider a little less braking if you can. If you can see the next set of lights ahead of you are red, don't race up to them and come to a complete stop. Try to moderate your speed a little if you can do it safely. If you can get there as they turn green and the traffic in front begins to move, you're doing OK. That's because it takes more energy to get you going from a complete stop than it does from a slow roll. So if you can do this, it will improve your mpg.
lower your octane

2. Change octane if you can

Too many people drive around with medium or premium gas in their tank when they just don't need to. If your owner's manual says "regular", it means it. Putting mid-grade or premium in is just wasting money. Why? Unless you have a high-compression engine which could be prone to detonation (pinking / pinging), you have absolutely no need for high-octane petrol. The only thing that higher octane gives you is less probability of detonation. In high-performance cars with high-compression engines, that means allowing the engine management system to work at peak efficiency but for probably 75% of you, your car will quite happily run on the cheapest petrol you can put in it. Not an improvement in fuel economy per se, but a money saving at least.

3. Use the internet

Again - not so much about improving your mpg as saving money; no matter where you live, there will be one or more internet sites that can provide you with petrol prices in your area. Vote with your money. Buy from the cheap ones, and shun the expensive ones. It's not improving your mpg, but it is saving you money, and in the long term, that's what counts here. Apathy in this area is what the petrol companies rely on. To get you going, here's a couple of examples. US petrol prices. UK petrol prices. For others, use your favourite search engine.

4a. Check your tyre pressures

This is a total no-brainer. Check your tyre pressures regularly - make it part of your sunday routine or something. All motoring sites and magazines tell you the same thing and that's for a reason. If your tyre pressures are low, you will be increasing the rolling resistance of the tyre on the road and that will be robbing your fuel efficiency - your gas mileage will be down. So make sure they're up to manufacturer recommended values (at the very least) and watch your mpg get a little better.

4b. Get low rolling-resistance tyres

You might never have considered this, but manufacturers do make tyres designed for low rolling resistance. This means that there's less effort required to roll the tyre along the road surface. Less effort means less load on your engine. Less load means better mpg. When I went for aftermarket alloy wheels and tyres on my Honda Element, my gas mileage dropped by about 1mpg due simply to the change in tread pattern of the tyres.
get rid of the roof box

5. Get rid of the roof rack

You go biking or skiing at the weekends. Great. When you're commuting to work, that empty roof rack is adding aerodynamic drag to your car. More drag means more power to overcome it, which means worse mpg. Take it off when you're not using it. Same goes for those 'aerodynamic' roof boxes - if you're not using it, get rid of it. Yes they look aerodynamic but the fact of the matter is they do induce drag. And to be honest, they look silly. Hey - I know it means getting up and doing something rather than just routinely getting in your car and driving off but we're talking about gas mileage here. mpg. Fuel economy. It's all to do with money. Be lazy? Or save money? 

6. Change your air filter

Out of sight, out of mind. I'm guilty of this. Your air filter is what protects your engine from ingesting all the dust, dirt and crap in the air. If it's doing its job well, it will clog up, much like the bag of a vacuum cleaner. Once it clogs up, your engine has a harder time sucking air through it. To compensate for the reduced airflow, the engine management system will richen up the mixture, using more petrol to keep the engine running smoothly. Replace your air filter once a year and you'll guarantee better gas mileage. So why am I guilty of this? At the time of writing I change the three-year-old filter in my car and my mpg jumped by 2.5 overnight. On my car that equated to a 13% improvement for an outlay of $14. Duh! This is one of the easiest ones to do yourself too. Go out to your local parts store and look through their catalog to find the right filter (or use any of a myriad of online retailer who normally have better prices on aftermarket and performance stuff like K&N air filters). It will normally be a simple matter of some plastic or metal clips to get the airbox apart and then you can replace the old duffer with the new hotness.

7. Change your oil and oil filter

Whilst you won't see any massive improvement by changing your oil and filter, you're ensuring that your engine is keeping its 'fresh blood'.

8. Get new spark plugs

Spark plugs work in an incredibly hostile environment. If you've got more than 30,000 miles on yours, change them. Fresh plugs that aren't covered in carbon desposits will certainly help you in your quest to become a fuel miser. 

9. Ultrasonic cleaning for your fuel injectors

The only surefire way to clean your fuel injectors is to have them removed and given an ultrasonic bath. This is like those jewellery cleaners you might have seen. Basically it's a small tub filled with detergent solution that is hit with ultra high frequency vibrations or sound waves. The net effect is that any carbon deposits are shaken off the fuel injectors. Clean injectors give a more even fuel-air mix which results in a more predictable burn in the cylinder, which will contribute to improved gas mileage. If your injectors have never been done, or you've got more than 60,000 miles on them, consider getting the professionally cleaned. It won't be cheap but it's cheaper than a new car (by a huge margin) and it will help your mpg.

10. Remapping your ECU - chipping and tuning

Expensive one this, but it might be worth investigating. For the most part, chipping or remapping your engine management computer would normally be done to improve performance. It is possible however to go the other way - trade off some performance in exchange for better gas mileage. Not a lot of places are advertising this yet but as the price of petrol continues to spiral, I wouldn't be surprised to see this happen. For example, a few tuning houses in America have seen some interesting results from flashing European engine maps into US vehicles. It's a bit dodgy because it means those vehicles won't pass the emissions tests, but if you're serious, you could get a dual-map system. For the inspection and emissions, leave it in "US" mode. For everyday driving, use the European map. Of course you didn't get that idea from here :-) 

Jika isteri menangis dihadapanmu, "Hargailah ia sebelum terlewat."

Jika seorang isteri menangis dihadapanmu,
itu bererti dia tidak dapat menahannya lagi.

Jika kau memegang tangannya saat dia menangis,
dia akan tinggal bersamamu sepanjang hidupmu...

Jika kau membiarkannya pergi,
dia tidak akan kembali menjadi dirinya yang dulu, selamanya!

Seorang isteri tidak akan menangis dengan mudah,
kecuali didepan orang yang sangat dia sayangi, dia akan menjadi lemah!
Seorang isteri tidak akan menangis dengan mudah,
hanya jika dia sangat menyayangimu.
Dia akan menurunkan rasa EGOnya.

Wahai suami2,
jika seorang isteri pernah menangis keranamu,
tolong pegang tangannya dengan penuh pengertian.
Kerana dia adalah orang yang akan tetap bersamamu sepanjang hidupmu disaat
kau terperuk terlalu dalam .

Wahai suami2,
jika seorang isteri menangis keranamu,
tolong jangan menyia-nyiakannya...
Mungkin, kerana keputusanmu, kau merosakkan kehidupannya.

Saat dia menangis didepanmu, saat dia menangis keranamu...
Lihatlah jauh kedalam matanya. Dapatkah kau lihat dan kau rasakan SAKIT
yang dirasakannya keranamu ?


Apakah keistimewaan perempuan ini?
Dibalik KELEMBUTANYA dia memiliki kekuatan yang begitu dahsyat..
katanya merupakan KEBENARAN...
adalah SEMANGAT bagi orang yang dicintainya...
bisa memberi KEHANGATAN bagi anak2nya...

Dia TERSENYUM bila melihat temannya tertawa..
Dia TERHARU, MENANGIS bila melihat KESENGSARAAN pd org2 yg dikasihinya...
Dia mampu TERSENYUM dibalik KESEDIHANnya...
Dia sangat GEMBIRA melihat KELAHIRAN...
Dia begitu sedih melihat KEMATIAN..
air matanya bisa membawa PERDAMAIAN.

Tapi dia sering dilupakan oleh SUAMI kerana 1 hal.
Bahawa "Betapa BERHARGAnya dia".

Friday, July 23, 2010

Malaysia Population Clock

Today i want to share some information about our beloved country, Malaysia. This info related to the population growth of Malaysian.

  • one birth for every 58 seconds
  • one death for every 4 minutes and 36 seconds
  • one gain on net migration (International) for every 5 minutes and 15 seconds
  • overall increase in population, one person for every 56 seconds how?every 56 seconds a Malaysian increased!

Proud to be Malaysian!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Awas kepada yang curang!

Tadi masa aku lepas sudah meeting dengan consultant, aku pon pegi la keluar makan..

KL ni besa la kan banyak lampu isyarat...sedang aku berhenti masa lampu merah,ada la satu teksi ni yang menarik perhatian..besenya aku nampak iklan Ah Long je la..hutang la..pinjaman berlesen la..macam2...

tapi tadi lagi spesel..

Ada apa agaknye?haa...tgk kat bawah nun..ada gamba yg sempat aku snap buat kongsi ngan kawan2...

 Kepada yang berhajat nak curang ngan laki/bini anda...awas la ek..

tp jangan sangka private investigator ni utk orang kawen je..silap2 yg tengah couple pon guna servis ni..huhu..pape pon memang terbaek!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Kesibukan kat site membataskan usaha mengupdate blog.

adoi..dah lama gile aku x update blog aku ni..xde masa plak nak menulis...ataupon aku yg malas?hahaha..
x kisah la ape pon sebabnye..sekarang aku tgh menulis blog aku..ape yg aku nak kongsi kali ni?
aku ingat nak share gamba site aku yg terbaru kot..buat tontonan rakan2 sekalian..layan..

kalo ada pape yg korang x paham pasal gamba ni atau nak tau lebih lanjut,drop je komen..nanti aku balas keh..salam 1 malaysia semua!