Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Concreting sequence

Reinforment bar was very important for construction of bridges, buildings, dams and other structures.

But what actually the bars responsibilities in the structure?
For somebody who has working in the construction field, they know..

Actually, the rebar act like our bones...its was a bones for the structure..without it,we may cannot build high building or even lower building...
But the most important things is, with the rebar our structure can be strengthen well...

As an design engineer, they may need to design sufficient rebar to carry loads accordingly..
Supervision also play a very important rules..
Bad supervision means bad products as well...

The tendency for the contractors to cheat still there..
So there comes the duty of the Resident Engineer or Clerk of works (COW) to ensures contractors always construct with a standards and following the specifications..

Here some of the looks of the rebars and also the formworks for the construction of the pile caps..

After completing rebar & formworks inspection, then the times for casting take their roll.

Before the concrete trucks were allowed to pour the concrete at the elements, Slump Test must be done 1st!

This is to ensure that the concrete ordered were following the design grade required & the workability of the concrete were right.
Here i also posted some picture of the erection for the tower crane. This tower crane not yet completed pending to the approvals from Dept of Health, Safety & Occupational.


Anonymous said...

Waa.. Nazli . Great! please update more on construction k. huhu..

Nazli said...

bole je nk sapo ni?lenkali taruk la nama..sng nak detect sapo..kot kwn2 koje engineering gak..hehe