Sunday, April 4, 2010

Boring Midvalley

Today was Sunday..weekend right? so what normally we do on weekend?

Early month with salary has been credited to account, for sure we're going for some shopping..hehe..

After thinking and planning, i decided to went to Mid valley Megamall..Last time i've been here months earlier..

Suppose this is a come back! as far as i concern, this is the biggest mall in ASEAN region..
To date,maybe another giants mall has been constructed and beat Mid valley..

After 30 minutes walking, i do takes some time at their food court same level with the cinema..
Having "Tauhu Bakar & Waffle" seems like having light lunch since i already take nasi ayam before went to Mid Valley..

After that, me and my girl continued window shopping and hoping that we can bought something there..
We're upset because there's nothings good to be bought..what a boring mall for us..

even there is a lot of shops inside, nothings attracted us to enter to their shop..finally we decided to go home and better for us to watch Formula 1 rather than wasting time in that mall again..peace!

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